Save money on your overall energy cost by taking advantage of these energy efficiency programs.

Home Weatherproofing Insulation

Home Weatherproofing Program

Do you think you are wasting electricity, but are not sure where? Let I&M’s Home Weatherproofing Program help.
Income Qualified Weatherization

Income Qualified Weatherproofing

Income-eligible customers with electrically heated homes are able to take advantage of a comprehensive home energy assessment conducted by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified program auditor.
Smart Shift

SMART Shift℠

With SMART Shift℠, you can help reduce the amount you pay for electricity just by using it wisely and at the right time.
School Kids Raising Hands

School Energy Education

Saving energy is a bright idea, and Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) is providing teachers, students, and parents with the opportunity to explore how to use energy efficiently with I&M’s School Energy Education Program.


Use these up-to-date tips, videos and links to learn how you can cut back on energy consumption in your workplace.



Did you know that placing trees and shrubs in the right places on your property can help reduce energy use?

Electronics and Computers

Find out how to control phantom consumption from electronics such as televisions, computers, and cell phone chargers.
Appliances Tips


Learn more about the long-term effects on your energy consumption when you replace older home appliances.

Water Heating

Discover how taking shorter, cooling showers can reduce your energy use all year long.


Reduce the amount of electricity you consume through the installation of efficient light bulbs and fixtures.

Cooling Your Home

Find ways to avoid higher energy consumption when the outside temperature rises.

Heating Your Home

Learn to reduce energy use by weatherizing your home, turning down the thermostat, and changing your habits.