How does it work?

  • I&M helps you make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and helps you save energy with upgrades such as:
    • LED bulbs
    • Shower heads
    • Faucet aerators
    • Electric hot water pipe wrap
  • I&M conducts an energy analysis of your home at no additional charge (valued at $175):
    • An Energy Expert will measure how much insulation you have, look at your appliances, heating and cooling equipment, and look for leaks that waste energy
  • I&M provides a detailed energy report and helps you:
    • Understand the recommended improvements
    • Pay 50% of the cost of the upgrades, up to $3,000
    • Schedule your upgrades with a qualified contractor
    • Inspect the upgrades after installation to make sure they were installed correctly

2016 Criteria

  • Must be an I&M residential customer
  • Must have a single family home or duplex with electric heat
  • Customers currently 200 percent of poverty level or below click here.

To get started…

  • Call 855-231-5274 to sign up and schedule a time for our Energy Expert to visit your home