Check your energy use

The first step toward reducing your electricity bill is figuring out how much energy you use. With I&M’s Home Online Energy Checkup, you can quickly and easily calculate your home’s energy costs and find ways to save.

The Home Online Energy Checkup is a web tool that uses your billing data and other inputs you provide to generate a printable report that includes:

  • Useful details about your home’s energy consumption
  • Customized energy-saving recommendations
  • Potential savings from making the suggested improvements
  • Environmental impact of implementing suggested improvements

To complete the Home Online Energy Checkup, you will have to either login to your I&M account or create an account if you are a first time user.

Receive an Energy Efficiency Kit

Upon completion of the audit, first time participants will automatically receive an energy efficiency kit at their service address within three weeks of completion of the Home Online Checkup. Customers can take the survey as often as they choose but can only receive an energy efficiency kit once every three years.

The kit is valued at nearly $25 and includes three CFL bulbs, two LED bulbs and other energy saving measures based on your online profile. If you do not wish to receive the energy efficiency kit upon completion of the Home Online Energy Checkup, send us an email.

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“I received the energy efficiency kit which contained several energy saving products, such as CFL bulbs and 2 night lights and a thermometer for a refrigerator and freezer. Thank you very much. I will put them all to good use.”