Your old fridge or freezer could be adding up to $150 to your energy bill1. Recycle it and save energy! We’ll pay you $40 and pick up your old working appliance, for no cost!

Fridges and freezers made before 1993 use a lot of energy. A pre-1993 unit costs more than twice as much to operate as a new model. Fridges and freezers from the 1970s cost four times more to operate!2

Use the Flip Your Fridge calculator to find out how much your old fridge is costing you.

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Recycling is Good for the Environment

Recycling your older, working appliance will help you reduce energy use and costs while taking the appliance off your hands in a way that’s good for the environment. The units are sent to a recycling facility where 95% of the material is recycled, and hazardous waste is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Fact: The average 10 year old refrigerator contains more than 120 pounds of recyclable steel!3.


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Recycling in Action

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To be eligible for Appliance Recycling, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. I&M residential customer.
  2. Refrigerator and/or freezer must empty and working when picked up.
  3. Refrigerator and/or freezer must be 10 – 30 cubic feet in size (inside measurement).
  4. Customers must own the unit(s) being recycled or receive consent from their landlord.
  5. There is a maximum of two units per year, per customer.

Ask Our Experts. Call 800-253-5661

How many appliances can I recycle?

There is a maximum of two units per customer, per year.

How much is the rebate?

The rebate is $40 per working refrigerator or freezer.

Will you pick up my refrigerators and freezer?

Yes. Schedule your pickup online for Indiana or Michigan or call 800-253-5661.

What does it cost for you to pick up my refrigerators and freezer?

There is no charge.

Does the refrigerators and freezer need to work?

Yes. The fridge / freezer must be working when we pick it up.

How long until I get my rebate check?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your rebate check to arrive.

Can I recycle my air conditioner?

At this time, we are only accepting refrigerators and freezers in the recycling rebate program. The Recycling Locator will help you find a local recycling company that will take your appliance.

Where do I recycle other large appliances?

The Recycling Locator will help you find a local recycling company that will take your appliance

Who recycles the appliances?

We partner with ARCA Recycling to provide state-of-the-art appliance recycling services designed to guarantee that every appliance collected is fully demanufactured in accordance with federal, state and local rules and regulations.

What are the Oldest Fridge Contest Rules?

  • Must be an I&M customer.
  • Only one refrigerator can be entered in contest. You may still recycle up to two units.
  • All refrigerators scheduled for pick up Sept. 25 through Nov. 15, 2019 are eligible. The Oldest Fridge Contest winnwer will be announced on Dec. 10, 2019 over social media.
  • The prizes will be in the form of a Visa gift card.
  • You do not need to have a very old fridge or freezer to participate. All qualified units will be accepted for recycling.
  • All I&M Appliance Recycling Program requirements apply.

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