How does it work?

That old fridge or freezer in your garage or basement uses up to four times the energy of newer models. Reduce your energy use and pick up some cold cash with our Appliance Recycling Program.

You’ll receive:

  • Convenient pickup and recycling of your old appliance (10-30 cubic feet)
  • $40 rebate check
  • A reduction in your energy use

Do I Qualify?

  • You must be an I&M customer
  • Your refrigerator and/or freezer must be between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size, using inside measurements
  • Your refrigerator and/or freezer must be in working condition

Please Note:

  • Participation is on a first come, first served basis until program funding is expended. Customers must own the unit(s) being recycled. Limit two units per residential address.

Enroll Today

Enroll Online or call 800-253-5661 to schedule your appointment. The $40 rebate check will be mailed to you 4-6 weeks after the appliance collection.

Want to know how much you could save? Check out the ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator to estimate the annual cost and kWh usage of your unit.