General Tips

Have your furnace and ductwork inspected annually. Loose, broken ductwork accounts for 15-35% of a home’s energy loss.

Change furnace filters every month.

Caulk, seal, and weatherstrip openings from your home to the outside.

Repair and weatherstrip air leaks in the home. About 10-25% of conditioned air escapes through air leaks.

Unless it is equipped specifically for home heating, use your fireplace sparingly.

Warm air escapes through the chimney. Close the damper when you’re not using your fireplace.

Increase your attic insulation if the joists are showing. Recommended level: R‑38 or 10-16 inches blown.

Your Thermostat

Be consistent with your thermostat settings.

Install a programmable thermostat. Customers with heat pumps should use programmable thermostats or gradually change their settings to avoid putting the heat pump into costly emergency heating mode.

Windows and Vents

Shade your windows. Possible savings: 10-25%

Open draperies and shades on south-facing windows to allow more sunlight and heat during the day. Close them at night to conserve heat.

Move furnishings away from floor or return air vents.

Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans sparingly. They can quickly pull warm air from your home.


Encourage members of your household to layer clothing rather than turn up the heat.

Take shorter showers. Open bathroom doors after taking a shower to allow warm, moist air to circulate.