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The IM Home app and a smart thermostat give you control, convenience and energy savings. Using a simple app on your Apple or Android phone, you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere, anytime—plus, manage energy costs!

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More Energy Savings

Based on your schedule and local weather, IM Home picks the best time to cool your home using the least amount of energy. During high-energy use times, it may adjust the temperature by a few degrees to give you more energy savings.

IM Home will learn your family’s schedule and how they use energy to customize a home energy plan. You always have control and can adjust the temperature at any time.

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How do I get started?

We will handle the set-up and paperwork. You will receive the energy savings and discounts!

Our team will confirm:
• Your HVAC system will work with IM Home
• You have a smart phone with access to Wi-Fi
• You are an I&M customer in Indiana with an online account

Then we will:
• Complete your rebate paperwork
• Make a contractor appointment, if you choose
• Help you set-up the IM Home app

The IM Home customer care team is available Monday–Friday 8AM–7PM ET at 855-607-3788.

If you know your HVAC system, the application will take about 5 minutes to complete. You will need:

• I&M Account Number
Don’t remember your account number? Call customer care at 800-311-4634, check your I&M online account or look up by phone number.

• Ecobee Proof of Purchase (receipt)
The receipt can be submitted later, but it must be within 60 days of purchase. If you do not submit it now, there may be a delay in your rebate.

IM Home is perfect if:

  • You want to control energy use and costs.

  • You have a busy family.

  • You want to change your settings from anywhere, anytime.

Ask Our Experts. Call 855-607-3788

To be eligible for the IM Home rebate, you must meet the following criteria.

1. Be an I&M customer in Indiana.

  • Homeowner
  • Renter with landlord approval

2. Be enrolled in IM Home for at least one year.

3. Wi-Fi which works at least 90% of time.

4. Have an Apple or Android smart phone.

5. Have the required HVAC equipment.

  • Single family: Single stage air conditioner or heat pump
  • Multi-family: Single stage air conditioner or heat pump dedicated to the unit
  • Wi-Fi enabled Ecobee thermostat

6. An Ecobee thermostat account created on

7. Download and register the IM Home app using your I&M online login.

8. Provide Ecobee proof of purchase (receipt). 

Ask Our Experts. Call 855-607-3788

There are several rebates and discounts to give you even more savings.

Product/ServiceMSRPSale PriceRebate/DiscountFinal Cost
Ecobee3 Thermostat$249$199$100$99
Ecobee3 LiteThermostat$169$75$94
IM Home AppFreeFree
Installation – Technician$225 Appox.$125$100
Installation – DIYFree
IM Home Event$1.95 per event bill credit

Ask Our Experts. Call 855-607-3788

What is a Smart Thermostat?

There are three types of thermostats. For most of us, the basic thermostat is a simple dial on the wall that controls the temperature of your home. Programmable thermostats let you set the temperature for a specific time of day. Smart thermostats are the newest type of thermostats. They are “smart” because they are Wi-Fi enabled and

– Learn to adjust your home’s temperature based on your habits and activity, when you wake and sleep, when you get home from work and when you leave, and so on.

– Anticipate your heating and cooling needs based on local weather —and can even adjust themselves based on humidity.

– Allow you to remotely control your home’s temperature via a smart phone, tablet or desktop. You can see how much you’re spending on heating or cooling costs, tweak the programming to save you money, and see the results immediately.

– See your energy use in real-time.

– Stay ahead of repairs. You will be notified when to change a dirty filter, or schedule a tune-up before you need a costly repair.

I already bought a Thermostat. Can I still get a rebate?

Yes. If you purchased the Ecobee thermostat in the last 60 days, you are eligible to receive the rebate. There is a limit of one rebate per thermostat and 2 thermostats per customer .

What does HVAC mean?

HVAC is short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The HVAC system provides heating and cooling to homes and buildings.

How does IM Home and a smart thermostat save energy?

They work together to learn your schedule and automatically adjust the temperature based on the local weather and the activities of your family members.

Is my HVAC system compatible with an Ecobee thermostat?

The Ecobee thermostat works with about 95% of home HVAC systems. Call us at 855-607-3788 to confirm if it works with yours. Or, you can use the Ecobee Compatibility Checker.

Do I need Wi-Fi?

Yes, you must have Wi-Fi with at least 90% up time. The app will not work with Mi-Fi or a hotspot.

What are the IM Home customer service hours?

The IM Home customer care team is available Monday–Friday 8AM– 7PM ET at 855-607-3788. The I&M Customer Operations Center is open 24/7 and can be reached at 800-311-4634.

Can I install the Ecobee thermostat myself?

Yes. If you are a DIY person, you can install the thermostat, apps and Wi-Fi connection. Or, our team will help you schedule a technician. Simply call 855-607-3788.

How much does it cost to have the thermostat installed?

The cost for a technician to install the thermostat and app is about $225. I&M will pay $125 towards the total cost. The balance is the responsibility of the customer. The Rebates / Discounts tab has the complete list of savings.

How much is the rebate?

Currently there are two smart thermostats in the rebate program. The ecobee3 has a $100 rebate and the Ecobee3 Lite has a $75 rebate. The Rebates / Discounts tab has the complete list of savings.

How long until I get my rebate check?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your rebate check to arrive.

Will I receive a credit on my bill?

Yes. Each time you participate in an event, you will receive a credit of $1.95 on your bill, up to $29.25 per year. The credit is in addition to the daily energy savings that occur by using the smart thermostat.

What is an Event?

An event is when the demand for energy is high. For example, it’s humid and the temperature is over 85°.

Can I opt out of an Event?

Yes, but you will not receive the $1.95 bill credit for that event. To participate in an event, you don’t need to do anything. IM Home will adjust the temperature by a few degrees during the event – saving you energy.

Will you notify me before an event happens?

Yes. IM Home will let you know when an event is scheduled. IM Home will also tell you when the event starts and ends.

Is my data secure?

IM Home will not sell or share your data. To ensure privacy and information protection, most smart thermostats use security measures commonly used by banks, government agencies and e-commerce sites to ensure privacy and the protection of personal information. View IM Home Privacy Policy.

How do I register my IM Home app?

Register on with your I&M account user name and password.

Is a smart thermostat the same as a smart meter?

No. A smart meter looks a bit like your old electricity meter but it sends your energy use data, in real time, directly to your energy supplier. This let’s them give you an accurate bill each month, no more estimated bills.

What are the IM Home Terms & Conditions?

Who do I call for help?

QuestionWho to Contact
Electric Rates800-311-4634
IM Home Questions855-607-3788
Rebate Status855-607-3788
InstallationInstaller of thermostat
Thermostat WarrantyManufacturer of thermostat
Wi-Fi ConnectionInstaller of thermostat
PrivacyManufacturer of thermostat

Ecobee Thermostat FAQ

A few of the most FAQ about the Ecobee thermostat are below. Please visit for more FAQs.

Where can I buy an Ecobee thermostat?

The thermostats can be purchased at, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart.

Will the Ecobee thermostat work with Amazon Echo?

Yes. It will also integrate seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and IFTTT .

Where do I get the Ecobee mobile app?

The app is available for IOS, including Apple Watch, and Android users through the App Store or Google Play.

Where do I find the Ecobee thermostat number?

On the thermostat, go to Menu > About

Does the Ecobee have a battery?

No. The thermostat is hardwired with a C wire.

Will the Ecobee thermostat work with High Voltage Systems?

No, not at this time.

Will the Ecobee thermostat work with room sensors?

Yes. Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in one place (usually the hallway) which can make other rooms uncomfortable. Sensors report the hot and cold spots in your home to deliver comfort in the rooms that matter most, like your bedrooms, home office, or living area. Sensors sold separately.

*Annual energy savings based on home temperature settings.