Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our employees and customers, Home Energy Checkup / Weatherproofing appointments are not being scheduled until further notice.  Thank You.

Insulation works to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The more insulation and the fewer air leaks you have, the less energy you use. If you have electric heat, schedule a Home Energy Checkup – a $430 value – for no charge.

During the checkup, we will

  • check your home’s insulation
  • look for air leaks
  • explain weatherproofing upgrades that will help you save on your energy bill.

The best news – I&M may pay 100% of the cost*! Customers who are not income qualified may qualify to have 50% paid.*

Request an appointment online or
call customer service at 855-231-5274.

*Maximum $3,000

The In-home Checkup

Our energy experts are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). BPI is the leader in setting technical standards for home energy auditing and energy efficient upgrades.

Our energy expert will spend 2-4 hours at your home. They will do a room-by-room checkup of your home energy use including; check for air leaks, inspect your insulation, perform a blower door test, an infrared test and more. They will also look at health and safety issues that may be present.

Start Saving Immediately

To help you start saving immediately, our energy experts may also install – for no cost, LED bulbs, showerheads, faucet aerators, pipe wrap and other energy-saving products.

Report and Recommendations

Our energy expert will provide a detailed report and

  • review results including, your home’s energy profile, insulation levels, blower door results and any health and safety concerns
  • provide weatherproofing recommendations
  • offer other recommendations to make your home more efficient and comfortable
  • give a list of the most important items to address
  • help schedule the improvements with a qualified contractor
  • help you get up to $3,000 in weatherproofing upgrades

Enjoy the benefits like lower energy costs, greater comfort, and peace of mind. Start saving with a Home Energy Checkup.

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To be eligible for the Home Energy Checkup / Weatherproofing, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. I&M Residential Customer in a single family home or duplex home.
  2. Electric Heat
  3. Have not had a Home Energy Checkup in the last three years at that address.
  4. Meet household income levels of 200% of poverty level or below. These income levels are based on the Federal Income Guidelines published by the US Department of Energy Weatherization Program.

2020 Household Income Eligibility Guidelines*

People in Household

Weekly  Income 
Single family or duplex home with electric heat only.
Landlord approval required. Maximum $3,000.
*200% of Federal Poverty Guideline.

Ask Our Experts. Call 855-231-5274

I live in a mobile home. Will you do a Home Energy Checkup?

Mobile homes do not qualify

I rent my home. Will you do a Home Energy Checkup?

Yes. However, we must have the landlord’s approval in writing. Please have them sign the Rental Property Service Agreement.

Does my landlord need to give permission?

Yes. Please have your landlord sign the Rental Property Service Agreement.

Do I need to be home for the Home Energy Checkup?

Yes. An adult, 18 years or older, must be there during the entire Home Energy Checkup.

How long does the Checkup take?

It will take about hours for our energy expert to check your home, perform the different tests and install the LED bulbs, pipe wrap and other energy saving products.

What is a blower door test?

Our energy experts use a blower door test to help determine how tight or leaky your house is. During a blower door test a powerful fan is mounted onto the frame of an exterior door. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside. Outside air then flows in through all cracks and openings. This exaggerates the leaks in your home so they can be identified and measured. This test recreates the conditions a house experiences during 20 mph wind gusts.

The Energy Saver 101 infographic on Energy.gov explains the importance of a blower door test during your Home Energy Checkup.

Do I need to do anything before the Home Checkup?

The energy expert will need access to every room in your house, the attic, basement and crawlspace.

Please confine your pets in a secure area. It would be very helpful to make a list of any existing problems like drafty or uncomfortable rooms.

What is a Home Energy Audit or Home Energy Assessment?

These are different names for the Home Energy Checkup.

What is a Thermographic or Infrared Inspection?

Thermography measures the surface temperature by using infrared video and still cameras. These tools see light that is in the heat spectrum. Images on the video or film record the temperature variations of the home, ranging from red for hot regions to black for cooler areas. These images help the energy expert determine where your home is losing energy.

The Energy Saver 101 infographic on Energy.gov explains how infrared imaging works.

Is there a co-pay for the Income Qualified Home Energy Checkup?

No. There is no co-pay or cost for income qualified homeowners.

Saving Energy is Smart! It’s easier than ever to have a more comfortable, energy-saving home and to help protect the environment. Start saving with these products, rebates and discounts.