Project Details

The I&M Program approved RCxL Service Provider performed a weeklong study of the manufacturer’s compressed air system. The study found that air leaks and timer based drains caused significant artificial demand and excessive wasted air. Based on these findings, it was clear that Mullinix would greatly benefit from upgrading their compressed air system.


The Service Provider located and repaired leaks then focused on upgrades for the facility’s 1,650 HP system. This included the installation of 34 no-loss drain valves that reduced the amount of wasted air. A flow control valve allowed for the reduction of artificial demand, which lowered the system pressure to 87psi and stabilized it within 3psi under normal operations. The measures installed helped save on compression ratio and wear on the compressors. The valves also extended the life of the equipment and reduced potential leaks.

Project Summary

By optimizing the system and controls, the facility was able to save an estimated 2.8 million kWh per year. Since the upgrade, more lines are capable of running for greater production periods resulting in increased output of product and profits. The service provider trained the Mullinix facility team on the new equipment to ensure the newly upgraded system performs at the highest standards to achieve optimal results. The total capital investment of $237,284 was offset by an incentive check from I&M worth $148,488.

Compressed Air tips:

  • Understand your system requirements by developing a pressure and a demand profile before investing in additional controls.
  • Identify end uses that are affected by pressure problems.
  • Check existing equipment to ensure that it is in good operating condition.
  • Eliminate inappropriate uses, fix leaks and implement a leak management program.
  • Once these actions have been taken, work with a compressed air specialist to match your control strategy to your actual system needs.

Project at a Glance

  • Project Cost: $237,284
  • I&M Incentive: $148,488
  • Cost to Customer: $88,797
  • Payback: 1.2 years
  • Annual Energy Cost Savings: est. $71,688