By volunteering to reduce usage during periods of high demand, Indiana business owners can ensure a reliable supply of power in their community and receive a monthly payment – even during months when there is no need to reduce demand.

Necessary reductions can often be accomplished by curtailing the use of nonessential equipment that allow your business to continue to operate with reduced lighting, air conditioning, or other uses of electricity.

To get started…

After you’ve filled out the Enrollment Application or contacted I&M at 800-311-4634, an I&M Customer Service Representative will work with you to verify:

  1. That your business qualifies for service under I&M’s Emergency Demand Response Service Rider;
  2. Your understanding of the rider and how it works;
  3. That appropriate metering and communications equipment is installed before the service under the tariff can begin; and
  4. That appropriate contracts are signed between your business and Indiana Michigan Power.

To apply electronically, please complete the online application, and follow the instructions on the application form.